Fully automates contact center resource planning.

Ciceronen Smartplanner

Smartplanner is a comprehensive work force management system that is built for contact centers to help plan their resources the most optimistic way.
Built using AI, smartplanner takes into consideration a number of factors, including the call volume, competency of the resources, the contractual working hours, holiday calendar, absence history etc to recommend the most optimistic schedule for the resources.
Smartplanner also has an automatic way to rearrange the schedules based on late changes.

The solution is hosted on cloud and is offered as SAS. The application is platform independent and is accessible on the web as well as android and iOS apps.
The system also supports integration with all the industry standard ERPs as well as support payroll integration.

how does it work


Fully automated

Creates schedules automatically based on the needs


Single sign on capabilities to seemlessly integrate into your contact center applications

Holidays and Leaves

Integrated absence work flow that is used for scheduling.

Customizable blocks

Built to enable high degree of customization to suit your unique needs

Compatible with all

Works with all industry standard contact center solutions

Powered by AI

AI powered accurate forecasting gets you the most optimized schedules.

Apps for mobile access

iOS and android apps makes sure the agents have access to schedules even on their phones


Specially designed to make sure fariness aspect is respected all the time.